Adobe ColdFusion Government Summit

Learn ColdFusion Performance Tuning with Convective

“Why is this server slow?!”

This is the refrain from many a grizzled systems administrator. The problem could be anywhere. Is there a database issue? Thread deadlock? Other??

Performance analysis and tuning can be daunting. With so many variables, tracking down the cause of slow running requests can seem overwhelming. To further complicate the issue, a slow server can lead to irate users. Not only do you have to find the issue, you have to fix it, FAST!

Instead of diving headlong into that haystack, come learn the most efficient way to find the needle.

Join us in Washington DC April 18-19 for the free Adobe ColdFusion Government Summit and learn from Convective’s Matt Hintze, one of the industry’s leading authorities on ColdFusion Performance Tuning.

Matt’s session will cover:

  • The basics of locating a performance issue
  • The most common causes of slowness
  • “Performance” vs “Stress” testing
  • Proactive strategies for catching issues early
  • Caching solutions
  • A discussion of tooling
  • LIVE demonstrations of testing and locating a performance issue

It’s a must attend session for ColdFusion administrators in the DC area. His session starts at 11:00 AM on the 18th, and we’ll be posting his slides afterwards. Matt will also be in the Convective booth to answer questions and provide guidance. Hope to see you at the conference!

Update: Slides from this presentation can be viewed here.