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User Centered Design

At Convective, we take a holistic approach to application design. We focus not only on sound development methodologies but also quality user experiences. We incorporate our User Centered Design process into all of our application design projects.

The Convective User Centered Design Process

Discovery & Research

Discovery and research consist of several different approaches. Each project is different and we know just what to do for any specific need.

Content Architecture

Does the application make sense to the user from A to Z? Do they feel a sense of cohesiveness while navigating? The big picture is the focus here.

Collaborative Design Brainstorming

We believe bringing in all stakeholders, including user representatives, into the design process at certain phases throughout the project life cycle helps produce the best results for making informed design decisions. This process also helps ensure that all project requirements are considered.

Wireframing, Mockups, & Prototyping

Prototyping is a fast, rapid way to create a user interface that looks and interacts the same as the intended application without the need for Software Development. These prototypes are used to vet design decisions and used to make continuous improvements without the need to code re-write.

Usability Testing

The core process to determine usability issues is Usability Testing. Watching the user use the tool, without any help or coaxing, is one of the most effective ways to find usability issues. Everyone has an opinion, and often users will give feedback that contradicts what they actually do when using a web application. Observation is key to truly uncovering where the user struggles, what workarounds they have created and where their productivity is suffering.

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At Convective, we believe User Centered Design is an integral part of successful application development. Engaging with users early and often helps guide feature development and avoids costly rewrites later in the project.

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