Speed is the Currency
of Digital Trust

Application Performance Management

Every Second Counts

Customers expect performance to be feature number one in this digital revolution. Digital transformation is all around us, and modern enterprises understand that the application is the business. At Convective we know the difference between monitoring and the management of customer engagement. Through our Application Performance Management practice, we can instrument 100% visibility into the performance of your customer engagement with gap-free data and analysis from the browser or mobile app.

Dynatrace UEM

This Line of Code is Costing you Millions

Digital performance management

Identifying an underperforming section of code can take days without the right tools. It doesn’t have to. Our platform will not only notify you of a problem but will proactively trace the issue down to the exact line of misbehaving code. This substantially reduces remediation time and lost business.

The Hidden Costs of a Slow Application

Abandonment rate after 4 seconds
Increased infrastructure costs


Conversion rate loss


Source: Akamai, Gomez

Why Digital Performance Management?

Would you drive a car without a dashboard? You need deep insight in order to solve deep problems. Advanced tooling is required to identify and automate issue remediation. We are passionate experts when it comes to brand reputation and customer engagement. Digital Performance Management is an exclusive suite of services offered by Convective tailored to your organization. Convective can fully design a custom solution for you on-prem, in the cloud, or PaaS.


Gain perspective into your customer’s experience of your application.



Notify your support structure immediately when customer experience is impacted.



Technicians are provided instant understanding of the problem right down to the misbehaving line of code.



Proactive synthetic testing minimizes risk and ensures uptime.