Now more than ever mission-critical applications must perform superheroic feats. Popular web and mobile platforms need to be supported by a single codebase. The user experience should surpass that of a desktop application. Development should follow a repeatable, testable pattern for efficiency and accuracy. While JavaScript has cemented itself as the language of choice for single-page web applications, the actual SDLC can be problematic. Angular is a revolution in web development. Through the approach of a modular framework, and by extending HTML itself, Angular solves many common challenges faced by front-end UI developers. Angular provides a consistent, well defined, structured approach to building modern applications.

The CTO’s Guide to Angular was produced by Convective to embody the rationale behind adopting Angular into your enterprise development workflows. From a high level, the guide provides concise, concrete reasons why Angular can increase the productivity of teams while reducing some of the pain points associated with frontend UI development.

Read the guide here.